What is Branding?

Branding is as it sounds like it is. In the old West, a rancher would brand their cattle with ranch iron brand, that would represent the farm its self like a logo. This process later translated into marketing and advertising products. It is a straightforward and powerful way to promote, market, and advertise your business. Adding your logo and brand to all your products, services, and consumer outreach will create a lasting impression that could convert a one-time consumer into a loyal long time customer.

What does Branding consist of for a business today?

The elements that make up a businesses brand are but not limited to a companies logo, typeface, tagline, mission statement, color scheme, graphic style, style guide, and brand positioning Having a brand developed with your logo is a good asset to create for future uses. Have a brand designed to accompany your new logo now will save you time and resources you'll need to grow your business.

Style Guide

Your businesses #1 go-to resource when you need to market or promote your business and more! Style Guides are the do's, don't, and how to design, attract and nail a flawless consumer outreach with a lasting impression.

Strengthen Market Awareness

Branding your storefront, business cards, flyers that you'll hand out to your community is the start of building a loyal consumer following.

Elevated Professionalism

Dress to impress matters, and it's even more important when it comes to your business. Make sure regardless whether your potential customer first impression of your business is a business card, flyer, or website that they know and why they should come to you.

Improved Designs

It's a pretty simple concept if the designer has a guide of do's and don't along with a color palette, typeface choice, and mission. Their designs will not only be much much more attractive but will often get done at a much faster rate for the same investment.