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What does a Logo stand for a business?

The logo, often the first visual your consumer notices from your company aside from the service or product your business offers. The company logo should represent and communicate what the company does and stands for in everyday business operations. Regardless of what you are trying to say or do with your business, your logo should visually communicate. Ask any of clients the dramatic difference our logos alone have done to improve and grow their business! Your logo can do so much more than looking good on your letterhead, find out today and get started with us!

Logo that can Attract

If you didn't know before how important a logo is for your business. Let's remind our selves why they are. Often a logo is the first and only impression your business will make with potential consumers. It's how you distinguish your business apart from your competitors before they given you the chance to sale your business and/or services! A absent of or non use of a logo says something to consumers often no wants to hear. But it raises questions about who you are and if they can trust you!



Typographic Logo Design

Some of our personal favorites to create, the typographic logo is also known as a word-mark is a logo based on text and typeface altered and manipulated to create a visual image out a portion of the text or one letter.

Graphic Logo Design

Graphic based logo design is diverse art in self, Not only must you communicate an idea powerfully thru a graphic image. But the graphic design and style applied to the piece must compliment and follow the style the client wishes and their consumer will be attracted too.

Iconic Logo Design

Like our own logo, iconic logo design is a simple way to communicate a strong message in quick to digest visually. Other iconic well known iconic logos would be those of just brand like Target's Target symbol, Mercedes-Benz tri-star, and Apples bitten apple icon logo.

The iconic logo design often works wells with business with a core mission statement or valued purpose aside from generating profit.



Create Business Awareness

With a logo and brand on hand, you now can now market for new consumers by promoting not only what you provide but who you are!

Promote your Business not the services!

Often people tend to forget when doing advertising or marketing wether its on social or via print to brand their campaigns. This may seem like an oversight or something not even worth mentioning. Ask us why this couldn't be farther from the truth.

The 24Hours Salesmen

I often like compare website and logos as silent salesmen that are design and created to do just that. Sale your services by your business when your not able too. It's a beautiful thing when you think about it. Ask me why I consider these creative items  such valuable salesmen!

An identity to Remember 

Regardless of who, where, what, when, how they see a impression of your business there's always that one constant and visual to associate with your business over time. The minimum impressions needed various but average is about 3 bold impression with in a span of 7 days or 30 impression with in a span of 30 days.